Memories of the Barrier Reef-Erika Beck FRSA Artist and Art Tutor

Memories of the Barrier Reef

On-the-reef\'Saving Nemo\' was the headline in the newspaper. What the traveller can do to help the Great Barrier Reef.. 
As an artist, I was always enchanted by the landscape the Daintree, Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation and of course the Reef. 
I have painted images of the Daintree before, having stayed there on a painting trip with a group of painters, but this time it was the Reef, both above and beyond the water line, which inspired me. Partly to give support, and partly to show my appreciation for the beauty which is so abundant. 

On the Reef

The Reef - Left Panel

The Reef - Centre Panel

The Reef - Right Panel

First Light

Hint of the colour below the surface

The Reef (3 panels)

A vlsual peom to its beauty

Sea Garden 5

Sea Garden 1- 4

Images of the corals

Sea Garden 1

Sea Garden 2

Sea Garden 2

Sea Garden 3

Sea Garden 4

The reef at low tide


Dreaming of the Reef

Collage on canvas

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